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Curriculum Objectives

The massage therapy curriculum at MVSM is developed to provide the students with the necessary knowledge to sit for The Ohio State Licensing Exam. During the course of this program, students are expected to:

  • Display comprehensive understanding of anatomy and physiology and its relation to massage therapy.

  • Demonstrate the palpatory skills necessary for the student to become a massage therapist.

  • Encourage students to explore other bodywork therapies including neuromuscular therapy and myofacial release.

  • Learn to work successfully with other health care professionals.

  • Encourage personal wellness with fitness, diet, and spirituality .

  • Introduce students to basic eastern philosophies and the body's energy systems.

  • Always respect the therapist/client relationship and keep all conversations confidential

  • Always respect yourself and your craft, display professionalism at all times. Your Reputation is Everything!